Rent The Theatre

The 1,261-seat La Mirada Theatre auditorium is available for rental events. It can be utilized for lectures, films, television and video taping, professional workshops and conferences, as well as performances. Lobby and patio spaces are available when renting the auditorium for an event. For further information, call or e-mail:

HELENE DUARTE, Theatre Rentals Associate



Entire Facility

40,000 sq ft


1,261 seats (789 orchestra; 472 balcony)

Downstairs Lobby

4,200 sq ft
(2,800 sq ft east; 1,400 sq ft west)

Sit-Down Capacity

288 people

Upstairs Lounge

1,500 sq ft

Standing Capacity

125 people

Downstairs Patio

3,960 sq ft

Sit-Down Capacity

56 people

The City of La Mirada requires a non-refundable deposit, insurance, rights/clearances and security for rental events. An estimated power charge will apply for television productions. Fees and rates are subject to change without notice.

La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts
Fee Schedule


Rent for one performance: $1,500
Subsequent Performance on same day: $750
Rent for Film & TV taping per day: $2,400
All Day Rental Rate: $1,800 (a performance lasting 5.5 hours or more)
Load-in/Rehearsal/Load-out/Dark Day: $300


Box Office Personnel: $500 per performance
Ticket Printing: $150 per performance
Promotional Fee: $2 per ticket sold by our Box Office
Credit Card Transaction Fees: 5%
House Scale (Changes per show): $200


Stagehands: (see ‘Hourly Labor Fees’ below)
Ushers: Estimated at $850 per performance (see ‘Hourly Labor Fees’ below)
Maintenance: $300 per performance x 25%
Maintenance subsequent performance on same day: $200 per performance x 25%
Maintenance for Rehearsal Day/Load-in/Load-out/Dark Day: $200 x 25%


Small Reception linked w/ rental: $200
Large Reception linked w/ rental: $600
Dinner Theater Lobby Rent: $600
One additional hour of Lobby Rental (w/ approval): $200 (12am-1am)
Business Banquets/Receptions (detailed, large reception): $600
Business Lobby Meetings (simple reception): $300
Use of Downstairs Bar: $200
Lobby Sales Deposit (Refundable): $50


Backstage Supplies: At Cost
Gel & Lamp use (per 3-5 hours stage block): $60.00 to $100.00
Special Equipment Rental: At Cost

Promotional Fund: $100 per performance
Promotional Fund for subsequent performance on same day: $50
Refundable Security Deposit (high-risk renters): $300
Piano Tuning: $175 (Mon – Fri.)
Piano User Fee: $100

Liability Insurance: Estimated upon request

HOURLY LABOR FEES (average hourly rates)

Technical Director: $51.00 ($34 + 50% per hour)
Audio Engineer: $50.00 ($33.34 + 50% per hour)
Master Electrician: $50.00 ($33.34 + 50% per hour)
House Manager: $42.00 ($28 + 50% per hour)
Master Carpenter: $50.00 ($33.34 + 50% per hour)

Follow Spot Operators (average hourly rate): $30.00 ($24 + 25% per hour)
Stagehands (average hourly rate) : $30.00 ($24 + 25% per hour)
Door person (average hourly rate) : $30.00 ($24 + 25% per hour)
Ushers (average hourly rate) : $18.00 ($14.40 + 25% per hour)

*Rates are subject to change. Please contact our Rentals associate at 562.944.7977 for current rates and changes.